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Superboy is a half-hour live-action television series based on the fictional DC Comics comic book character Superman's early years as Superboy. The show ran from 1988–1992 in syndication. It was renamed The Adventures of Superboy at the start of the third season.

The Adventures of Superboy - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 1988-10-08

The Adventures of Superboy - The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure - Netflix

The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure is a Filmation animated series that aired on CBS from 1967 to 1968. Premiering on September 9, 1967, this 60-minute program included a series of six-minute adventures featuring various DC Comics superheroes.

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The Atom “Invasion of the Beetle-Men” - Alien insects land outside a nuclear plant to destroy the station. “The Plant Master” - A criminal scientist gives life to plants for malevolent purposes. “The House of Doom” - A scientist teams with an alien warlord. The Flash (and Kid Flash) “The Chemo-Creature” - A radiation experiment gone wrong creates a powerful creature out of an ordinary ant. “Take a Giant Step” - A criminal scientist unleashes a powerful robot to battle The Flash and Kid Flash. “To Catch a Blue Bolt” - Blue Bolt, an alien being with the same superspeed as The Flash, attacks the Earth. Green Lantern “Evil is as Evil Does” - The Guardians of the Universe summon Green Lantern to battle Evil Star, a criminal with superpowers identical to Green Lantern's. “The Vanishing World” - A space fugitive captures Kairo to divert Green Lantern from a breakout of prisoners on a penal planet. “Sirena, Empress of Evil” - An alien queen attacks the planet Oa. Hawkman “Peril from Pluto” - Hawkman must fly to Pluto to defeat an interplanetary brigand whose laser ray is decimating Earth. "A Visit to Venus "- Octo-armed aliens capture a manned space probe and use it to lure Hawkman to a trap. “The Twenty Third Dimension” - Malevolent pranksters from Jupiter use teleportation rays on Hawkman and their jailers. Justice League of America “Between Two Armies” - The warring factions of the Rock People and the Crystal People from Mercury use Earth as a base for their conflict. The Justice League must bring peace to the warring factions before Earth ends up in the crossfire. “Target Earth” - A criminal warlord named Rom-Nex uses a gravity device to attack Earth. The Justice League are warned in time by a rebel named Val-Kar. “Bad Day on Black Mountain” - A malevolent warlord named Mastermind lures the Justice League to a trap on a mammoth desert mesa so that they will not interfere in his plans to take over Earth. Teen Titans “The Monster Machine” - An unmanned spaceship unleashes multi-armed robots to attack Earth. “The Space Beast Round-Up” - Alien hunters must jettison vicious creatures else their damaged craft will crash, and the Titans must find the now-rampaging beasts. “Operation: Rescue” - A scientist and his son must be rescued from an alien tribe high in the mountains.

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